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Bringing together US Literature and History at The Cardin School

Amy Fink, History Instructor/Student Support Services Coordinator at The Shoshana S. Cardin School, shared these thoughts about the synergy of her two subjects, U.S. Literature and History:

The most exciting new experience for me this year is being able to teach the 11th grade U.S. Literature class in conjunction with the U.S. History class. When two disciplines work so well together, it’s very exciting to be able to teach both!

Though we pride ourselves on integration throughout the curriculum, doing it within two classes that one teacher is teaching can be a unique experience. While learning events that occurred and how people handled them over the course of history, we refer to texts from English class that are expressions of those feelings and events. Understanding the historical context of writings, as well as their literary devices and styles, has truly enhanced the learning within each of these classes and I’m excited to see how it continues over the course of the entire year!