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Letter from a parent of a 2011 Cardin graduate

It is with mixed feelings that we approach graduation on June 10th. On the one hand, we are excited to see [our daughter] reach this important milestone and prepare for the next stage of her life, but we are saddened to have our regular involvement with Cardin come to an end. We didn’t want the year to close without expressing our heartfelt gratitude for everything that you all have done for [our daughter] over the past four years.
We describe [our daughter]’s high school experience as, in a word, phenomenal. We have watched her grow in every way; academically, socially and spiritually. We have seen her gain confidence and develop a strong sense of who she is and how she sees her place in the community and world.
When we reflect on the secret to Cardin’s success, it always points to you – the faculty and staff. You got to know [our daughter] well and quickly, and understood how to challenge her to extend herself out of her comfort zone. She was willing to take chances and try new things because she always knew that caring and capable people would be supporting her along the way. You gave generously of your talents and time, both in and out of the classroom, and we thank you all.
We wish you all the best, individually and collectively, and we plan to continue to support Cardin in any way that we can.